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Gitarzan 12-02-2015 12:18 PM

Howdy. New owner with questions
We just purchased a 2015 650s and did the requisite break in 600 miles (or so) and promptly took it to Sebring for a few track days to see what it can do. Overall, an AMAZING car that blew our socks off. But there is one issue that worries us very much and the solution will determine if we keep the car or not.

Coming off a straightaway at over 140 and braking into a turn, the rear end oscillates a few times until you get below 120. It's a VERY scary moment approaching a turn at 140+ and feeling the rear feel like it's getting loose when you apply the brakes. We had 3 other 650s's at the event and all of them did the exact same thing and we were all a bit gun shy to run it at full tilt because of that "pucker up" moment approaching the curve under braking. It never actually broke loose and if you just gritted your teeth and rode through it until you got below 120, everything was fine. But, owning and driving many other supercars at these speeds, this is the first one we have felt anything like this.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas what it could possibly be? We all know it's not our imagination. 2 of the other owners are considering selling their cars because of this issue. I talked to the dealer and he had not heard of anything like this and I've searched online to see if there are any articles about it.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Happy to be here!!!

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